Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Holly Williams and Lydia Ramsey ~ May 7

Last night, at The Triple Door, was a night of story-telling melodies. 

The night began with Lydia Ramsey. Pacific Northwest to the core, Lydia Ramsey's voice sounds like what tip-toeing across a Puget Sound shoreline feels like. Peacefully melodic in nature, each guitar strum was reminiscent of home - a place you've already been and could always be. Lydia songs, of light-hearted longingness, floated through the room eloquently. With recordings said to be set to release this year, this won't be the last time Lydia Ramsey will play our stage.

Holding a Neil Young autographed guitar, Nashville native Holly Williams charmingly delivered the rest of the night's audibles. Sharing songs of her travels overseas, her mother's unmeasurable grace, and a tragic car accident she experienced with her sister, Holly Williams' songs were angelic and emotionally powered. The room was silenced in awe.   

 Holly Williams and Chris Coleman 

Joining Holly Williams, on a selections of songs, was husband and writing collaborator Chris Coleman. They performed a few songs including the boot-kickin' tune, Let You Go- a collaboration Holly mentioned they discovered in her husband's "Man Shed."  With playful love in their eyes, Holly and Chris' chemistry was contagious. 

The stage was left ready to be tucked in and sweetly kissed goodnight.