Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Visit to the Green Room - Episode 3

We found ourselves backstage sharing stories, and laughs, with a few stellar musicians in our Visit to the Green Room series featuring: Aubrey and Matt of The Local Strangers, Daily Benson, Robb Benson of The Glass Notes, Shelk, Dear John Letter and Dept of Energy, Jim Demonakos of Kirby Krackle, Emily Asher, Nick Russo (guitar), Sean Cronin (bass), Tom Abbott (clairnet and sax) of Emily Asher's Garden Party Helene and Celia Faussart of Les Nubians, and Sister Sparrow, Bram Kinchelor, Phil Rodriguez and Ryan Snow of Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds.

Here are a few of the highlights :::

The VIP List

To toast our 10th Anniversary month, we've created a special menu of 10 cocktails inspired by the memories, history and eclectic variety of performers who have graced The Triple Door stage in the last decade. 

Try out each of the 10 cocktails, throughout the month of September, in return for a stamp. We will pass out cocktail cards upon first purchase. When your cocktail card is completely full of all 10 stamps you are entered to win two tickets every month for an entire year! October 2013-October 2014

Ladies, and Gentlemen, here are the drinks...

steppin' out $9
dewars, domaine de canton, bitters, lemon juice, ginger beer
Steppin' out is a song written by Joe Jackson from his 1982 album Night and Day. The song is all about the anticipation and excitement of a night out on the town... "We are young but getting old before our time | We'll leave the TV and the radio behind | Don't you wonder what we'll find | Steppin' out tonight
-Bud Ransom, Bartender 

not just another blonde $9
st germain, framboise, cava, lemon twist
The Triple Door was once the Embassy Theatre, a vaudeville and motion picture house constructed in 1926. You can see a remembrance of the old Embassy in the theatre ceiling and proscenium, restored with the original painted rosettes, bands of acanthus leaves, and other classical motifs. On September 8, 1927 the brand new first national picture show "Just Another Blonde" was described as "a dazzling, speedy romance of New York's gamblers- pretty women & night airplane rides". 
-Tom Pizzuti, Bar Manager

g sharp $9
vodka, st germain, grapefruit, soda
Fact: singing do-re-mi covers the simple intervals or music. But the gaps between the major notes are narrower. A half-step up is a sharp and a half-step down is a flat. The choice was clear for the name of this delightful grapefruit cocktail.
-Jen Juntunen, Bartender

the split point $9 
stella artois & don julio silver shot
When booking shows at The Triple Door, we call "the split point" when the dollar amount of tickets sold completely covers show expenses. When we reach this, it's time for a tequila. In talking with a blues guitarist years ago about his financial arrangements our Talent Buyer, Scott Giampino, says "he let loose with, 'c'mon man, I don't give a s**t about the damn split point, cuz I know there ain't gon' be one!' He then shook my hand with his hands the size of baseball mitts, and my arm smelled like very strong cologne for an entire week."
-Scott Giampino, Talent Buyer'
little siagon $9
bombay sapphire east, our world famous pickle brine
One sip, lean back, and allow this cocktail to wash away your day. Like every great performance you can find within these walls, this cocktail also comes with an encore... a pickle, daikon and sweet potato garnish.
-Andy Snyder, Lead Bartender
the print maker's fuel $9 
elysian backstage ale & bulleit bourbon shot
When dealing with today's technology (software, hardware, networks and printers) sometimes a little something is needed to take the edge off of a frustrating day's work. Every so often, no matter what you do, the odds are stacked against you. Hence the print maker's fuel... think of it as a restart button,
-Mike Klay, Graphic Designer
pin up girl $9
stoli razberi, combier liquor de rose, lime, soda, red wine float
Behind the new walls of the mainstage are original drawings of pin up girls. We don't know who the artist was or what year they appeared, but it was likely sometime in the 1960's when the Embassy was a XXX rated theatre.

synergy $9
stoli citros, lemon, thai basil
The interaction of multiple elements in a system. A song is a good example of synergy, taking more than one musical part and putting them together to create something that has a much more dramatic effect than each of the parts when played individually.
-the triple door (synergy) team 

latin soul $9
zaya rum, lime, bitters, nutmeg
In today's global age, we can best serve music, and you, by bringing our stage the riches that the whole world has to offer. The Latin beat is one of my favorites... Think 'Buena Vista Social Club' while you enjoy this cocktail.
-Rick and Ann Yoder, Founders
bubbles $12
duval-leroy brut champagne, nv
In honor of our 10th Anniversary, we're offering the same Champagne by the glass that we offered on the day we opened - and at the same price!
- Cortney Lease, Wine Director