Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Visit to the Green Room - Episode 3

We found ourselves backstage sharing stories, and laughs, with a few stellar musicians in our Visit to the Green Room series featuring: Aubrey and Matt of The Local Strangers, Daily Benson, Robb Benson of The Glass Notes, Shelk, Dear John Letter and Dept of Energy, Jim Demonakos of Kirby Krackle, Emily Asher, Nick Russo (guitar), Sean Cronin (bass), Tom Abbott (clairnet and sax) of Emily Asher's Garden Party Helene and Celia Faussart of Les Nubians, and Sister Sparrow, Bram Kinchelor, Phil Rodriguez and Ryan Snow of Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds.

Here are a few of the highlights :::

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