Friday, July 29, 2011

Rwanda Partners Benefit: "Uniforms Transform"

The Triple Door is hosting a benefit concert for the Rwanda Partners' "Uniforms Transform" campaign: a suggested donation of $12 will contribute to providing a Rwandan student with education and a uniform, while creating sustainable income and facilitating job training for young adults who make these uniforms. Rwanda Partners Benefit: "Uniforms Transform" will take place Thursday, August 4 at 7:00 pm in the Musicquarium.

The evening will include live music, raffles and much more! Bring yourself and bring your friends to hear live performances from Jubilee, Purity and Wolf, Youth Rescue Mission, Bryan John Appleby, and more special guests!

Rwanda Partners is a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of the poor and marginalized through economic and educational opportunities. In a country impacted by genocide, Rwanda Partners' work is grounded in the healing and reconciliation of the Rwandan people. For more information and to donate visit: Rwanda Partners

Thursday, July 28, 2011

We don't know what to expect...

Once again, we welcome the vivacious Geoffery Castle and his energetic electric violin to The Triple Door. This year, he will record songs from his popular solo CD "Mist on the Mountain" for a live concert album from The Mainstage. Accompanying him will be special guests Josh Clauson, the charismatic lead singer of NW jam band, Flowmotion, and Chinese virtuoso Jinghu player Lucy Wu.

The driving theme in Castle's musical career, is to challenge any preconceived notions about what is possible on a violin, which he does every time he takes the stage. To add something extra, Geoffrey Castle is planning a surprise he says "no one has done in the entire history of show business", even we don't know what to expect!

Watch Geoffrey Castle with special guests Josh Clauson and Lucy Wu on Saturday, July 30 at 8pm.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vicci Martinez at The Triple Door

This past weekend, the talented and adorable Vicci Martinez performed another stellar show on The Mainstage, not once, but twice.

For over 6 years, Vicci Martinez has frequently performed at The Triple Door and each time she sings from her heart, yet her sound is evolving and taking on a new level of power that is carving it's way through the singer-songwriter niche.

“The music business is a scary thing," says Martinez. "Just like a current, always moving, always changing, and if you don't flow with it, you drown, or you at least work a lot harder. I feel like we do our own thing. For the right reasons, music can be healing, bring smiles to your faces, or tears to your eyes.”

Over the past ten years, Martinez has released five independent solo projects demonstrating the personal, emotive uniquness of her music which sounds beyond her years of experience. Vicci Martinez is making her mark on the music scene and The Triple Door is happy to be apart of it!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rick's Picks: Eric Bibb

This week Rick's Picks of the Week is the soulful Eric Bibb on Tuesday, July 26th, at 7:30 on the Mainstage at The Triple Door.

Eric Bibb blends the sounds of blues and gospel for harmonious, melodic songs that speak rhythm to the ears, heart and soul.

Born into a musical family in New York in the 50's, Bibb was given his first steel-string guitar when he was seven and by junior high he was consumed by music. "I would cut school and claim I was sick," says Bibb. "When everyone would leave the house, I would whip out all the records and do my own personal DJ thing all day long, playing Odetta, Joan Baez, The New Lost City Ramblers, Josh White."

In his early twenties he moved to Europe to immerse himself in creative environments and play with worldly musicians. Since the late 90's, he has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows including Late with Jools Holland and The Late Late Show while his band has played most of the world's major festivals including Glastonbury and Cambridge Folk Festival in the UK.

Most recently, the release of Get Onboard "is, without a doubt one of the most exciting projects of my career" says Bibb. "It's a further exploration into the place where blues meets gospel and soul."

See Eric Bibb perform on July 26th, at 7:30 on The Mainstage!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rick's Picks: Tim Robbins & The Rogues Gallery Band

Rick's Picks of the week is Oscar winning actor Tim Robbins & The Rogues Gallery Band on July 18th at 7:30 on the Mainstage at The Triple Door.

A star of the big screen, writer, director and philanthropist, Robbins has been writing songs and performing his entire life. With the help of maverick producer Hal Willner, keyboardist Roger Eno, musical saw player David Coulter, multi-instrumentalist Kate St. John (ex-Dream Academy) and vocal contributions by Joan As Policewoman, Robbins embodies the role of singer, guitarist and storyteller on hauntingly beautiful songs which reside in the American narrative tradition.

The role of storyteller, whether as an actor on a stage or a musician in a band, is two sides of the same coin for Robbins. “My first desire to perform came from watching him on stage," says Robbins about his father, Gilbert Robbins. "I remember it as so intoxicating. Audiences were encouraged to sing along and be part of the event. That is a relationship I’ve been seeking all my life, that alchemy between performer and audience.”

The years leading up to his recording debut, at age 50, were spent finding his voice as a songwriter and performer. “I have too much respect for music to put out something that wasn't coming from a genuine place,” says Robbins. Before recording his first album Robbins wanted to “understand what my voice was and what kind of stories I wanted to tell. I think I’m ready to tell those stories now."

Buy tickets to hear the impressive collection of rousing, ragtag gypsy Americana and story telling by Tim Robbins and The Rogue Gallery Band.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rick's Picks: JD Souther

Rick's Picks of the week is country-rock singer and songwriter JD Souther on Sunday, July 10th, at 7:30 on the Mainstage at The Triple Door.

Souther recently released, "Natural History", which is one of a small handful of albums he's released in the past 28 years. Spending most of his musical career co-writing songs for artists including The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt's, Souther is widely recognized as one of the principal contributors to the Southern California country-rock sound.

Accompanying Souther will be the charming, talented, Knoxville based Jill Andrews.

Buy tickets to Rick's Picks: JD Souther w/ Jill Andrews