Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holiday Parties at The Triple Door

For the past 10 years, we've been celebrating the magic that happens between an artist and their audience through music... But what isn't always mentioned, is the magic we help create between people, through communication, when our venue is used year round for fundraising and development events, receptions, and weddings. 

We invite you to participate in the magic by planning your celebration at our venue during this holiday season - whether it be an intimate party of 10, or banquet for the hundreds - we have the space to accommodate your wishes.  

Imagine the uniqueness of celebrating the holidays at a vaudeville theater, built in the Roaring Twenties. Imagine you and your guests watching one of our holiday shows from a private suite overlooking the theater. Imagine toasting your favorite glass of sparkling in front of a 1,900 gallon freshwater aquarium with live entertainment playing in the background. Or maybe you want to bring in your own entertainment? That's fine by us. 

For more information, please contact our Private Dining Department at 206.838.4312, or fill out a private event inquiry form on our website. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Visit to the Green Room - Episode 4

We sneaked into the Green Room to share stories, and laughs, with a few stellar musicians before their sets on The Triple Door's stage... check out the footage in our Visit to the Green Room - Episode 4!

Featuring :::
Steven Fossen (bass), Somar Macek (lead singer), Andy Baldwin (guitar), Lizzy Daymont (guitar and vocals), Mike Derosier (drums) from Heart by Heart

Courtney Marie Andrews

Markus Hoyer (guitar, vocals), Patrick Foster (tunes, guitar, vocals) and Seth Garrido (saxophone, vocals) from Patrick Foster & The Locomotive

Kim Virant

Star Anna and Foster

Shane Tutmarc

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Visit to the Green Room - Episode 3

We found ourselves backstage sharing stories, and laughs, with a few stellar musicians in our Visit to the Green Room series featuring: Aubrey and Matt of The Local Strangers, Daily Benson, Robb Benson of The Glass Notes, Shelk, Dear John Letter and Dept of Energy, Jim Demonakos of Kirby Krackle, Emily Asher, Nick Russo (guitar), Sean Cronin (bass), Tom Abbott (clairnet and sax) of Emily Asher's Garden Party Helene and Celia Faussart of Les Nubians, and Sister Sparrow, Bram Kinchelor, Phil Rodriguez and Ryan Snow of Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds.

Here are a few of the highlights :::

The VIP List

To toast our 10th Anniversary month, we've created a special menu of 10 cocktails inspired by the memories, history and eclectic variety of performers who have graced The Triple Door stage in the last decade. 

Try out each of the 10 cocktails, throughout the month of September, in return for a stamp. We will pass out cocktail cards upon first purchase. When your cocktail card is completely full of all 10 stamps you are entered to win two tickets every month for an entire year! October 2013-October 2014

Ladies, and Gentlemen, here are the drinks...

steppin' out $9
dewars, domaine de canton, bitters, lemon juice, ginger beer
Steppin' out is a song written by Joe Jackson from his 1982 album Night and Day. The song is all about the anticipation and excitement of a night out on the town... "We are young but getting old before our time | We'll leave the TV and the radio behind | Don't you wonder what we'll find | Steppin' out tonight
-Bud Ransom, Bartender 

not just another blonde $9
st germain, framboise, cava, lemon twist
The Triple Door was once the Embassy Theatre, a vaudeville and motion picture house constructed in 1926. You can see a remembrance of the old Embassy in the theatre ceiling and proscenium, restored with the original painted rosettes, bands of acanthus leaves, and other classical motifs. On September 8, 1927 the brand new first national picture show "Just Another Blonde" was described as "a dazzling, speedy romance of New York's gamblers- pretty women & night airplane rides". 
-Tom Pizzuti, Bar Manager

g sharp $9
vodka, st germain, grapefruit, soda
Fact: singing do-re-mi covers the simple intervals or music. But the gaps between the major notes are narrower. A half-step up is a sharp and a half-step down is a flat. The choice was clear for the name of this delightful grapefruit cocktail.
-Jen Juntunen, Bartender

the split point $9 
stella artois & don julio silver shot
When booking shows at The Triple Door, we call "the split point" when the dollar amount of tickets sold completely covers show expenses. When we reach this, it's time for a tequila. In talking with a blues guitarist years ago about his financial arrangements our Talent Buyer, Scott Giampino, says "he let loose with, 'c'mon man, I don't give a s**t about the damn split point, cuz I know there ain't gon' be one!' He then shook my hand with his hands the size of baseball mitts, and my arm smelled like very strong cologne for an entire week."
-Scott Giampino, Talent Buyer'
little siagon $9
bombay sapphire east, our world famous pickle brine
One sip, lean back, and allow this cocktail to wash away your day. Like every great performance you can find within these walls, this cocktail also comes with an encore... a pickle, daikon and sweet potato garnish.
-Andy Snyder, Lead Bartender
the print maker's fuel $9 
elysian backstage ale & bulleit bourbon shot
When dealing with today's technology (software, hardware, networks and printers) sometimes a little something is needed to take the edge off of a frustrating day's work. Every so often, no matter what you do, the odds are stacked against you. Hence the print maker's fuel... think of it as a restart button,
-Mike Klay, Graphic Designer
pin up girl $9
stoli razberi, combier liquor de rose, lime, soda, red wine float
Behind the new walls of the mainstage are original drawings of pin up girls. We don't know who the artist was or what year they appeared, but it was likely sometime in the 1960's when the Embassy was a XXX rated theatre.

synergy $9
stoli citros, lemon, thai basil
The interaction of multiple elements in a system. A song is a good example of synergy, taking more than one musical part and putting them together to create something that has a much more dramatic effect than each of the parts when played individually.
-the triple door (synergy) team 

latin soul $9
zaya rum, lime, bitters, nutmeg
In today's global age, we can best serve music, and you, by bringing our stage the riches that the whole world has to offer. The Latin beat is one of my favorites... Think 'Buena Vista Social Club' while you enjoy this cocktail.
-Rick and Ann Yoder, Founders
bubbles $12
duval-leroy brut champagne, nv
In honor of our 10th Anniversary, we're offering the same Champagne by the glass that we offered on the day we opened - and at the same price!
- Cortney Lease, Wine Director 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Daughter of Graceland

Lisa Marie Presley lyrically bared it all to a sold out crowd on our Mainstage last night. Her smoldering alto voice resonated with history and boldly showcased her songs about lost love, heartbreak, growth,and rebellion. All the while, Lisa Marie Presley was looking as gorgeous as ever... 

Photography courtesy of Mat Hayward Photography 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Visit to the Green Room - Episode 2

We found ourselves backstage sharing stories, and laughs, with a few stellar musicians in our Visit to the Green Room series featuring Holly Williams, Martin Guevara and Coni Duchess of Capsula, Serigo Dias of Os Mutantes, Lady Rizo, and local musicians, Lydia RamseyBarrett Martin, Andy Stoller and Jeff Fielder.  Here are a few of the highlights :::

Monday, June 24, 2013

A lil' Q&A w/ Seattle Rocktographer ~ Jason Tang

The ability to capture the essence of live shows, in the Digital Age, has become an art form. The production of concert photography is becoming just as influential, in band history, as the live show itself. One of Seattle's music scenes' most notable concert photographers, Jason Tang, has been front and center to this growing art movement. We had the opportunity to ask Jason a few questions about his experience.  

The Triple Door: What do you love about being a photographer?
Jason Tang: I love being surrounded by so many talented and caring people in this community - whether it's musicians, fans, or fellow photographers. That's what inspires me to be more creative and constantly hone my craft.

TD: Describe your photography in three words:
JT: First Three Songs

TD: If you could have dinner with any photographer in history, who would it be? What would you ask him or her?
JT: Jim Marshall. I'd ask him what it was like to shoot The Beatles' last official concert (at Candlestick Park) and what his favorite rock concert moments were.

TD: What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get the best shot?
JT: I've never done anything really crazy to get a shot. Usually, I'm lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Back in 2010, when Fitz & The Tantrums came to Seattle for the first time at The Crocodile, Michael (Fitz) Fitzpatrick pulled me up on stage during the last song of the set. In the process, I accidentally hit Noelle Scaggs (co-lead singer) in the face with the mic stand. It was pretty embarrassing, but I got some pretty cool shots from the stage.

TD: As a music photographer, or Rocktographer as you're affectionately called, where do you see the Seattle music scene in 10 years?
JT: Seattle has been the source for some great rock bands over the years, but lately we've been seeing the hip-hop, soul, blues, and folk/americana communities garner some major national attention. The music scene here will continue to thrive... there's no doubt about that. I hope to see many local bands that I've followed and supported over the years in bigger and better places over the next decade.

TD: What band and/or musician are you dying to photograph?
JT: Pearl Jam. I've photographed all the guys in their individual side projects over the years, but never together at the same time. Soon... hopefully! Paul McCartney at Safeco would be killer too!

TD: Photos capture moments in time - for us to remember. Take an imaginary photo of 10 years from now, describe it.
JT: Still living in Seattle with my wife and our two dogs, loving life, traveling, volunteering, and shooting concerts once in a while.

For the full month of July, the walls in the Musicquarium will be covered in concert photography by Seattle area Rocktographer, Jason Tang. Join us for the opening reception with, special musical guests, Hot Bodies In Motion and Eternal Fair, on July 3, from 5-7PM, with happy hour specials until 7PM {21+}. RSVP here>>

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Holly Williams and Lydia Ramsey ~ May 7

Last night, at The Triple Door, was a night of story-telling melodies. 

The night began with Lydia Ramsey. Pacific Northwest to the core, Lydia Ramsey's voice sounds like what tip-toeing across a Puget Sound shoreline feels like. Peacefully melodic in nature, each guitar strum was reminiscent of home - a place you've already been and could always be. Lydia songs, of light-hearted longingness, floated through the room eloquently. With recordings said to be set to release this year, this won't be the last time Lydia Ramsey will play our stage.

Holding a Neil Young autographed guitar, Nashville native Holly Williams charmingly delivered the rest of the night's audibles. Sharing songs of her travels overseas, her mother's unmeasurable grace, and a tragic car accident she experienced with her sister, Holly Williams' songs were angelic and emotionally powered. The room was silenced in awe.   

 Holly Williams and Chris Coleman 

Joining Holly Williams, on a selections of songs, was husband and writing collaborator Chris Coleman. They performed a few songs including the boot-kickin' tune, Let You Go- a collaboration Holly mentioned they discovered in her husband's "Man Shed."  With playful love in their eyes, Holly and Chris' chemistry was contagious. 

The stage was left ready to be tucked in and sweetly kissed goodnight. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Visit to the Green Room - Episode 1

We found ourselves backstage sharing stories, and laughs, with a few musicians before their recent appearance on The Triple Door's stage. We had the honor of spending time with Woody Platt & Graham Sharp (Steep Canyon Rangers), Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, Pam Delgado, Renee Harcourt, Jeri Jones, Monica Pasqual & Rob Storm (Blame Sally), Billy Joe Huels, Jerry Battista, Kelly Can Camp & Jeff Gray (The Dusty 45's), Sera Cahoone, Joel Schneider & Any Lum (My Goodness), and Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer for the first installment in our Visit to the Green Room series. Check out the highlights :::

Episode 2 COMING SOON!

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Triple Door Showcases Seattle Rocktographers

It's not everyday a photographer is on the other side of a shutter click hearing the words,"say cheese." But what's even more unique, is having 20 photographers experience this phenomenon all at the same time. 

April 4th marked The Triple Door's first Rockgrapher exhibit opening-20 of Seattle's music photographers, or Rocktographers as we're affectionately calling them, selected their best photo to display on the Musicquarium walls for one month. Curated by Mat Hayward, Seattle Rocktographer, the showcase was created to shine the spotlight on the photography community in Seattle. 

"It's no secret that Seattle is known for producing some of the world's more renown musicians and rock stars," say Hayward. "But there's this really incredible underground community of photographers that have shot them over the years. Seattle's concert photographers have had access to so many incredible shows, garnering both incredible stories and tips to share. These individuals are what this event is all about."  

Featured Rocktographers (in no particular order):
Graham Lee 
Christopher Nelson 
Jason Tang 
Morgan Schuler 
Xander Deccio 
Alex Crick 
Chona Kasinger 
Dan Rogers 
David Conger 
"Iron" Mike Savoia 
Stephanie Savoia 
Greg Roth 
"Island" Jennifer Dohner 
Jim Bennet 
Marcella Volpintesta 
Matthew Lamb 
Mat Hayward 
Kirk Stauffer 
Suzi Pratt 
Heather Fitzpatrick AKA Mocha Charlie 

Local buzz surrounding our Rocktographer exhibit opening party on April 4th:
Seattle Music Insider interviews Mat Hayward
The Stranger 
Seattle Weekly

Seattle will have until the end of April (one more week!) to take a gander at all the submissions and vote on a  favorite. The ballot box is already overflowing, but one lucky voter will be picked at random to receive 2 show tickets to The Triple Door, every month, for a year. Will it be you? It most certainly could be! 

This is only the beginning. The Triple Door plans to continue to feature music photography exhibitions, with rotating artists, each month.  

Photo cred: Mat Hayward Photography

Monday, March 25, 2013

Super Jam Plays Squeeze

New Wave is coming to the Mainstage for Super Jam Plays Squeeze on Friday, April 12th, at 7:30pm!

Super Jam will perform every song from Squeeze's 1982 hit album "Singles 45's and Under," plus many more Squeeze favorites. "Singles 45's and Under" gathers a dozen of Squeeze's classic power-pop hits into one platinum collection. It represents their prime -- from Chris Difford croaking out "Cool for Cats," to Glenn Tilbrook chiming "Annie Get Your Gun," to Paul Carrack crooning "Tempted."

Including members of Apple Jam, Lucas Field, and 80's Invasion, Seattle based Super Jam will bring authentic live renditions of this signature pop album to our stage with, what we like to call, world-class musicianship and showmanship. These guys won't let you down. 

Members of Super Jam include:

Rick Lovrovich (lead vocals, bass) - Rick is the founder/frontman for the world-renowned Beatles tribute band,  Apple Jam. He is also a member of The Beatniks, Craig Terrill Band, and Herding Cats.

Jakael Tristram (lead vocals, guitar) - Jakael is a producer/artist from the indie soul band, Lucas Field. He was in Apple Jam's original line up, and produced their recorded catalogue. He also plays with Hit Explosion, BrandX, and U Rock.

Shane Peck (drums) - Shane is a composer/producer. He also plays with 80s Invasion, Laguna, Lusy, Johnny Astro, Poland, and The Nines

Mark Romanowski (guitar, backing vocals) - Mark is a composer/multi-instrumentalist. He also plays with Poland, and Johnny Astro

Mark Zyla (keyboards) - Mark has played/toured with a variety of musical acts, including Soul Kiss, Darren Mottamedy, Gloria Weems, and Hannah Michelle Weeks

Check out clips of Seattle Music Insider Greg Roth's interview with Rick Lovrovich and Jakael Tristram on our stage. 


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Seattle Music Photographer ::: Shanna Petersen

Like inscribed vinyl, Shanna Petersen captures sound in moments of time- forever to be experienced at any given second. An artist of images, Shanna's work falls in the visual realm, but as a music photographer she plays an active role in recording Seattle's music community. Her photography will be on display in the Musicquarium for the month of February.

Shanna has a background in print media, but recently has focused her creativity on photography. She credits her experience as an editorial and advertising designer to her ability to see and photograph compelling angles to tell a story. We interviewed Shanna to take a snapshot of her story.

The Triple Door: If you could have a drink with any visual artist, living or dead, who would it be? What would you ask him/her?
Shanna Petersen: I thought about trying to answer this in some sort of artsy and sophisticated way and then I was like, no.... It would be Andy Warhol- not for the educational aspects, but because he would be fun to hang out with.

TD: What is your favorite historical artistic movement? Why?
SP: I've never stopped being fascinated by the connection of history, politics and photography. Our National Parks, social services, wars... so much of the past century and a half has been influenced by photography. John Muir, Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange... they changed all of our lives by documenting moments or places and sharing what they witnessed.

TD: What are some of your other artistic outlets?
SP: I'm always a photographer. I feel very uneasy without my camera, and almost always have it with me. For fun and money, I'm frequently a graphic artist and sometimes a painter, but that comes in waves. I also write... I have a blog, which is my space to be creative in whatever way I feel compelled.

TD: What's the crazies thing you've ever done to get the best shot?
SP: I've done a lot of acrobatics involving driftwood and rocks. And when I was photographing petroglyphs in Utah, I had a geologist friend texting me directions to undisclosed locations that included things like: "you'll have to drive through a waterway... I think you should make it." But, I think the craziest thing is probably all the photos I've taken while driving. Some of my favorite Montana pictures were taken on 1-90 at 75 mph.

TD: Describe your photography is three words:
SP: Hopefully... compelling and honest.

TD: Photos capture moments in time- for us to remember. Take an imaginary photo of 10 years from now, describe it.
SP: My daughters are 11. Since before they were born, I've had this vision of the three of us - as adults- on a picnic blanket at the bottom of a waterfall in Tennessee. I'd love to set up a self-timer and take that shot after a long hike, when they are 21.

Join us for our First Thursday Art Opening with Shanna Petersen on February 7, from 5-7PM, in the Musicquarium. RSVP here >>  

Monday, February 4, 2013

A lil' Q&A ~ Nicki Bluhm

With only a few weeks left of their winter tour, Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers will hit our Mainstage for a night of fun-lovin' and sunbeam-filled tunes on February 8th. We interviewed Nicki Bluhm to get an inside scoop on her thoughts on all things music.

The Triple Door: What's currently on your record player?
Nicki Bluhm: Trio by Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylon Harris

TD: Name your biggest guilty pleasure, musically.
NB: I don't feel guilty for liking any kind of music... it all serves a purpose!

TD: The Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
NB: Bee Gees

TD: What's a song on your life's soundtrack right now?
NB: One of our new tunes called "Deep Water" that is not out yet... coming soon!

TD: If you could play with any musician, living or dead, who would it be?
NB: Kristofferson

TD: Who would play you in a movie about your life?
NB: I have much more living to do before any movie will ever be made about me!

TD: Describe your perfect day:
NB: Drinking coffee, writing songs, taking long walks, and spending time with my loved ones and with my two cats.

TD: What inspires you to play music?
NB: My husband, Tim Bluhm, and the fact that I get to make music everyday with my best friends. I love being on the road with the band.

TD: Who is your musician crush?
NB: Dolly Parton 

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Triple Door interviews Lily Verlaine

With a history of eroticism, drama and the outlandishly bizarre gently floating through the air at The Triple Door, we whimsically pounced on the chance to speak with the lovely and multi-talented Lily Verlaine, co-producer and star of Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker, about all things Burlesque. Sneak a peek :::