Monday, April 22, 2013

The Triple Door Showcases Seattle Rocktographers

It's not everyday a photographer is on the other side of a shutter click hearing the words,"say cheese." But what's even more unique, is having 20 photographers experience this phenomenon all at the same time. 

April 4th marked The Triple Door's first Rockgrapher exhibit opening-20 of Seattle's music photographers, or Rocktographers as we're affectionately calling them, selected their best photo to display on the Musicquarium walls for one month. Curated by Mat Hayward, Seattle Rocktographer, the showcase was created to shine the spotlight on the photography community in Seattle. 

"It's no secret that Seattle is known for producing some of the world's more renown musicians and rock stars," say Hayward. "But there's this really incredible underground community of photographers that have shot them over the years. Seattle's concert photographers have had access to so many incredible shows, garnering both incredible stories and tips to share. These individuals are what this event is all about."  

Featured Rocktographers (in no particular order):
Graham Lee 
Christopher Nelson 
Jason Tang 
Morgan Schuler 
Xander Deccio 
Alex Crick 
Chona Kasinger 
Dan Rogers 
David Conger 
"Iron" Mike Savoia 
Stephanie Savoia 
Greg Roth 
"Island" Jennifer Dohner 
Jim Bennet 
Marcella Volpintesta 
Matthew Lamb 
Mat Hayward 
Kirk Stauffer 
Suzi Pratt 
Heather Fitzpatrick AKA Mocha Charlie 

Local buzz surrounding our Rocktographer exhibit opening party on April 4th:
Seattle Music Insider interviews Mat Hayward
The Stranger 
Seattle Weekly

Seattle will have until the end of April (one more week!) to take a gander at all the submissions and vote on a  favorite. The ballot box is already overflowing, but one lucky voter will be picked at random to receive 2 show tickets to The Triple Door, every month, for a year. Will it be you? It most certainly could be! 

This is only the beginning. The Triple Door plans to continue to feature music photography exhibitions, with rotating artists, each month.  

Photo cred: Mat Hayward Photography

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