Monday, May 16, 2011

Setting the Scene

The Mainstage is The Triple Door’s centerpiece. Restored and updated from the bones of the historic Embassy Theatre, this 300-seat performance space is at once timeless and modern. The classic look of the gold-framed, red-curtained stage blends seamlessly with the contemporary, sleek, uncluttered array of half-moon booths and free-standing tables. Arranged in tiers, the Mainstage provides clear sight lines from every seat. The intimate dimensions mean that even the late arriver to a sold-out show is no more than 35 paces from the stage. And for those get-up out-of-your-seat acts, the tables directly in front of the stage can be cleared to make way for a dance floor.

The Musicquarium at The Triple Door is a spacious, self-contained lounge that seats 150. The lounge takes its name from The Triple Door’s dedication to music and the brilliant visual focus of the room, a stunning 1900-gallon freshwater aquarium just inside the entrance. If people watching doesn’t appeal, the fish watching is pretty fascinating. The wraparound, U-shaped display bar ranges down the center of The Musicquarium, with a comfortably arranged mix of tables and a standup bar on the Union Street side, plus seven booths for more private socializing lined up down the opposite side. A sneak hideaway occupies the corner at the far end of the booths.

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