Tuesday, January 21, 2014

mainstage must see ~ Kim Virant & Gerald Collier

In the early nineties, Kim Virant's charismatic vocals echoed through Seattle's music scene as her band, Lazy Susan, routinely sold out shows on the rock venue circuit.

Over the past 20 years, Kim has taken a musical journey transforming her from rock band frontwoman to singer/songwriter focusing on an alternative-country/rootsy guitar-based sound.

Meanwhile, a similar journey was unfolding for the Best Kissers in the World's vocalist/guitarist, Gerald Collier. In 1995, with the disbanding of rock band Best Kissers in the World, Gerald Collier ventured on his musical path solo refashioning himself as an alternative country singer songwriter. 

Kim Virant, joined by Seattle-based songster Gerald Collier, will perform live on Saturday, January 25, at 8 PM at The Triple Door. Tickets available here>>

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