Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Line-Up of Tasty Proportions

The Triple Door is pleased to announce a line-up of tasty proportions. To sweeten the downtown Seattle's live music scene, we are featuring new desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

"The theme is summer, summer, summer," says Thanh Tang, pastry Chef at The Triple Door. "My summer days are spent either with friends on bright green lawns; taking in the lively air while munching down pb&js, or foraging local farmer's markets for the refreshing flavors and colors that nature offers."


a slice of moist banana bread topped with creamy peanut butter mousse and fresh grape compote drizzled with warm chocolate sauce

lemon watermelon sundae

lemon sorbet and slices of fresh, juicy watermelon oozing strawberry sauce and garnished with a crisp lemon poppy-seed cookie


a chunk of gooey chocolate brownie sprinkled with coconut caramel topped with sweet mango sorbet and toasted coconut

tropical fruit plate

slices of fresh dragon fruit, mango, papaya and lychee with a side of coconut whipped cream

cheese plate

An assortment of oregonzola-(rogue creamery; oregon) chocolate stout cheddar (rogue creamery; oregon) lamb chopper (cypress grove; holland)

Come explore the vivid colors, textures and flavors of summertime at The Triple Door.

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