Saturday, June 4, 2011


After spending long hours working in the hustle-and-bustle of the restaurant industry, Cy Clarke escapes the stress of the day with the serene floral notes of her specialty cocktail, “Namaste”. The tranquil combination of Lychee infused vodka, with muddled lemon, a touch Crème de Violette and St. Germain and finished with champagne creates an indulgent for all your senses.

“I want this drink to bring the consumer to their happy place,” says Cy Clarke, bartender at The Triple Door. “ My happy place is taking pictures of my blooming violets, which happens to be the same place I found inspiration for ‘Namaste’.”

With violets as her muse, Cy styles the purple hues to seep out of every frosted glass for a peaceful tongue dance of sweet and dry notes ending with exhilarating bubbles. Appropriately named “Namaste”, this cocktail will have you greeting your senses in serene appreciation.

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