Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rick's Picks of the Week: Robben Ford Trio

This week, Rick's Picks of the Week is five-time Grammy nominee, blues guitarist Robben Ford and his newly formed band, Robben Ford Trio, on October 18th and 19th, at 7:30 pm on the Mainstage at The Triple Door.

Within the past few years, Ford formed the group Robben Ford Trio with friends and talented musicians, Mike Landau (guitar) Jimmy Haslip (bass), and Gary Novak (drums). Most recently, the group collaborated to release "Renegade Creation," a project recorded for Mike Varney's Shrapnel label.

Ford is one of the premier electric guitarists today, known for his blues playing as well as his ability to be comfortable in a variety of musical contexts. Joining him is session musician and guitarist, Mike Landau, as well as pioneering electric bassist, Jimmy Haslip, and innovative drummer, Gary Novak, whom triumphantly create- Robben Ford Trio. See Robben Ford Trio live 10/18 and 10/19 at 7:30 pm on the Mainstage.

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