Monday, October 10, 2011

Rick's Picks of the Week: Tales from the Sahel: An Evening with Baaba Maal

This week's Rick's Picks of the Week will be a unique event filled with music and discussion from Tales from the Sahel: An Evening with Baaba Maal on Tuesday, October 11th, at 7pm on the Mainstage at The Triple Door.

During the course of the evening, Baaba will be playing songs with LA musician Mermans Mosengo, from Playing for Change, as well as talking about his personal experience growing up in Africa and his views on issues facing the continent today with acclaimed music journalist and author, Chris Salewicz.

Known for his fiery vocal performances and his musical fusion of western sounds with the traditional beats and melodies of West Africa, Baaba Mall has earned immense critical acclaim and has continually reinforced his role as a innovative artist in the world music arena. His work has also extended beyond music and into the realms of humanitarianism through his role as emissary for the United Nation's Development Program. People gather to support his continual outspoken stances on HIV/AIDS in Africa, the growing role of women on the continent and his support of youth-based initiatives to help Africa move into the new millennium.

"I think the musician's role is to give advice, to warn people, and to make them aware of what they might not have thought of themselves. We use melodies and harmonies to make songs enter your mind." So declares the celebrated Senegalese master-musician, Baabe Maal, of the songs on Television, his new multi-lingual album which was released in June.

To purchase tickets to see Baaba Maal, following this link: Tales from the Sahel: An Evening with Baaba Maal.

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