Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Culture Mob Interviews Humorist Dana Gould

The Triple Door is dipping their toes in a pool of laughs this summer with Death Defying Adventures in Comedy with Dana Gould, Cathy Sorbo, David Crowe, Lee Callahan and Jakael Tristram Trio on June 2nd for two shows!

Before cannonballing into aforementioned pool, The Triple Door got their hands on an interview between CultureMob Contributor, Tom Mohrman, and comedian Dana Gould. The interview features Gould's thoughts on visiting Seattle, his experience working on The Simpsons, and a possible collaboration with grunge godfather, Dave Grohl.

Tom Mohrman: Will the show at The Triple Door be like a cabaret?
Dana Gould: It's not just people talking into a mic. Cathy is way too creative to be pigeonholed, and the people that she travels with. It's... the farther you get away from an actual theater, the more I enjoy theatrical experiences. Like to me the best version of a theatrical experience is really good haunted house around Halloween. I much more enjoy that. An unemployed hygienist in bad zombie makeup coming out of the closet, I get a much bigger thrill out of than being in Lincoln Center. What I love about Cathy, and why I work with her so much, is that she's no pigeonholed into one way of performing. She has the point of view that it can be music, it can be scenes, it can be character-her point of views is consistent, and she's always re-defining how she wants to present herself in terms of an audience. I wouldn't say it's a cabaret, but if you just come expecting people to gab into a mic, you're going to get a lot more than that. Except when I'm on. Then you're going to get exactly that.

Read more of Comedian Dana Gould Talks Exclusively with CultureMob to get an inside scoop on the witty mind behind Death Defying Adventures in Comedy and plan some laugh induced belly aches on June 2nd at 7:30pm and 10:00pm {21+} on the Mainstage. Tickets here>>  

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