Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Happy Hour Eats

Did you hear the news? We have some new happy hour eats! Allow us to introduce you...

Curry Fries with Sambal Mayo Dip ~ Thinly sliced french fries sprinkled with Wild Ginger curry powder and accompanied with sambal mayo dip, for an extra kick

Shrimp Toast ~ Shrimp on bite sized pieces of crunchy toast covered in bread crumbs and fried for a crispy, comfort food nibble

Salt & Pepper Riblets ~ sweet and spicy pork riblets garnished with green onions, salt and pepper 

A few of our signature favorites, like the duck sliders and Sichuan green beans, still have a home on the menu. Check out our complete new Happy Hour menu here>>

Happy Hour eats and drinks served in the Musicquarium 4pm-6pm every day and 9pm-12am Sunday-Thursday. We hope to see you soonday!

Photos courtesy of Karen Ready Photography

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