Monday, March 26, 2012

A lil' Q & A ~ Blame Sally

In 1999, a little-known but monumental happenstance occurred: the Lilith Fair and OzzFest were accidentally booked in the same Indiana venue on the same sweltering August night. While Rob Zombie and Paula Cole duked it out for control of the venue and fans, Monica, Renee, Pam and Jeri waited patiently for Sarah McLachlan’s autograph. Unknowingly rocked to their musical cores by the sight and sound of the Indigo Girls jamming with Pantera, the formation of Blame Sally occurred.

This all could be a musical urban legend, but with metallic chords and agile melodies it's hard to not believe Blame Sally's sound isn't created from a blend of black metal and estrogen-tinged folk. The Triple Door crashed Blame Sally's road trip with a lil' Q&A to get a glimpse at what goes on inside the tour van.

The Triple Door: Name the number 1 song listed on your iTunes' "25 Most Played" playlist?
Blame Sally: Bird In hand by Blame Sally

TD: Name your biggest guilty pleasure, musically?
Blame Sally: "In da tub" by Mz. Peaches

TD: When you're not playing music, what are you doing?
Blame Sally: Packing our suitcases, loading the van and driving it all over tarnation, AKA our nation

TD: What was the first song you ever played/sang?
Pam: "Endless love" by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie at my friend's wedding when I was 16
Renee: "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf. I was 12 and heard a boy playing it, that's what made me want to play guitar.
Jeri:"Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies. My friends and I were in the rec room trying to start a band, but I was the only one who played.
Monica: According to the rest of the band, I'm the freak. I played Bach and classical piano for a very long time before I started writing songs.

TD: What was the best concert you ever attended?
Pam: Michael Jackson, The Thriller Tour
Renee: Front row seats for Fleetwood Mac at the LA forum
Jeri: Prince, Purple Rain
Monica: Kate Wolf Music Festival 2009 with Taj Mahal, David Lindley, Los Lobos, Keb Mo, Richard Thompson and a bunch more (including Blame sally)

TD: What's you most embarrassing on stage experience?
Pam's drums fell off the stage into the lap of somebody in the audience. We kept going, though.

See Blame Sally and Rebecca Pronsky w/ Blvd Park Wednesday, March 28th, at 7:30pm on the Mainstage. Tickets here>>

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