Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A lil' Q & A ~ Girlyman's Tylan Greenstein

The jaunty, improvisational harmonies emanating from the cheerful, multi-instrumental band aptly named, Girlyman, reminds audience members to not take life too seriously. The Triple Door interviewed one of the founding creative minds behind Girlyman, Tylan Greenstein - affectionately called Ty, to gather some insight into the band’s playful approach to their sound.

The Triple Door: Name one song that's on your iTunes' "25 Most Played" playlist?
Tylan Greenstein: "Never Going Back Again" - Fleetwood Mac

TD: Name your biggest guilty pleasure, musically?
Ty: Justin Timberlake

TD: When you're not playing music, what are you doing?
Ty: Cooking, yoga, meditation, doing work for the band and walking my dog

TD: What was the best concert you ever attended?
Ty: Probably the Jackson's Victory Tour - it was epic! or maybe Nina Simone. Or Ani DiFranco back in the 90's.

TD: If you could perform in any city in the world, where would you?
Ty: Florence, Italy.

TD: What's your most embarrassing on stage experience?
Ty: I completely forgot the chords to a song halfway through and had to start over. Not a big deal, I guess, but I was mortified!

TD: What hidden talents do you have?
Ty: I can sit in silent mediation for ten days (and have). I can make a very mean coffee. I can box!

Catch Girlyman live on March 24th at 8pm on the Mainstage. Tickets: here

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