Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A lil' Q&A ~ JR Cadillac

Over 40 years ago, 5 local Washington musicians gathered in Ned Neltner's basement for a jam session that would quickly spawn into Jr Cadillac. The Triple Door jumped on the opportunity to interview the man whose basement was the key to unlocking 42 years of rock 'n roll.  

The Triple Door: You've been playing music for over 40 years, how has the music scene changed for you?
Ned Neltner: For Jr. Cadillac, the music scene changed when we started playing taverns hereabouts. Previously, there had been no live rock 'n roll in the bars. We started that monster.

TD: Name your biggest guilty pleasure, musically?
NN: I am a huge ELO, Jeff Lynne fan.

TD: What was the first song you ever played/sang?
NN: First song was "Ready Teddy" at the Franklin Jr. High "Blue and White Revue" in Yakima back in the dim unlit past.

TD: If you could play with any musician, living or dead, who would it be?
NN:  Well, since he is an idol of mine, Ray Charles... but he is so intimidating it might not be that much fun.

TD: What was the best concert you ever attended?
NN: We opened for Fleetwood Mac in Anchorage right when the "new" band with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham released, "Fleetwood Mac". I heard that album first time at sound check and again that night. Unreal good band.

TD: Sounds surreal. Where and when was your most memorable show? What makes it so memorable?
NN: There have been literally thousands.. so that's hard to say. We had a great time opening for the Beach Boys and The Kinks at Memorial Stadium... backing Chuck Berry 15 times was an experience, believe me!

TD: What's your most embarrassing on stage experience?
NN: Oh maybe peeing my pants...

TD: When you're not playing music, what are you doing?
NN: I live in Mexico in a little beach town called Barra de Navidad. The ocean is always swimmable, I ride my bike a lot, garden, and I have a home recording studio where I have made 13 albums.

TD:  What an inspiring environment, what else inspires you to play music?
NN: I just always have. As a babe, I sang with my mom playing piano. I can't stop!

TD: What hidden talents do you have?
NN: You'll have to ask my gal that one.

**Pictured left to right: Jeffrey Beals (baritone sax). Steve Flynn (piano, organ, vocals), Ned Neltner (guitar, lead vocals), Les Clinkingbeard (tenor sax), Don King (bass, vocals), Brian "Tito" Steiner (percussion), George Rudiger (drums)


See the guys behind Jr. Cadillac on August 18, at 8pm, on the Mainstage. Tickets here>>

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