Tuesday, July 31, 2012

amazingly nutty & brilliantly unconventional

Don't let Holli's fairy-esque-jaunt allude you, she's a ball of fire. It only takes a few minutes to notice this gal has a keen sense of imagination and is not afraid to show it.

With a reduce-reuse-recycle mentality, Holli never buys a new canvas- she prefers to paint over works bought second hand. More often than not, she doesn't use brushes or your typical artist tools, instead she is known to use old socks, twigs, and her "chubby fingers" to paint. We sat down with Holli Pappan to take a glimpse into her amazingly nutty and brilliantly unconventional mind.

The Triple Door: Where do you find inspiration for your art?
Holli Pappan: I am inspired mostly by the sunsets, my time in the woods, and the fear of alien attacks.

TD: If you could have a drink with any visual artist, living or dead, who would it be?
HP: I would combo up with Dali- because he was so wack, Van Gogh so I could tell him it's gonna be okay, and Pollock because the man was a wicked drunk and I'm sure we could get down.

TD: Who is your favorite artist?
HP: My favorite artists are Van Gogh, Theodor Geisel (Dr. Suess), and Bob Ross.. high as a kite Bob Ross.

TD: What is your favorite historical artistic movement?
HP: I find the most interesting and artistic movement to be when cinema went from silent to audible, or
"talkies" as they were referred to. Chaplin refused to when everybody else jumped right on the bandwagon. Chaplin's silent films are still heavily sought after today, it's awesome!

TD: What are some of your other artistic outlets?
HP: I take turns with my artistic outlets, I have gone from painter to stand up comedian, and vica versa for years. I am a bit of a lyrical gangster... word.

TD: Do you listen to music while you create? If so, who do you listen to? 
HP: I am a stupid fan of the mix tape, I listen to it all. Big fan of the oldies while painting, not so much The Cure. Listening to The Cure while painting would be like playing Russian Roulette with a teenage waifs sadness.. I keep it light and happy.

TD: Describe Seattle's art scene in three words:
HP: Seattle's art scene in one word is flooded. In two words, very flooded, in three words... I LOVE IT.

TD: What is your favorite color?
HP: Everything teal/turquoise/aqua.... and rusty orange forever!

Holli Pappan will be presenting a series of paintings inspired by the seasons. To accurately capture the visual brilliance of nature, each piece was created while physically immersed in the elements of the corresponding season: spring, summer, fall and winter.   

"I paint as unconventional as I live, and it's the simplicity in my life that allows me to paint so freely," says Holli. "I respect the classic approach to painting, drawing, and all things fine.. but I prefer to go caveman on my works."

See Holli Pappan's work on the Musicquarium walls at The Triple Door for the month of August. Join us for First Thursday on August 2nd for extended happy hour for 4-7pm.

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