Friday, December 7, 2012

The Early Years

The Embassy Theatre originally opened its doors, during the roaring 20's, in the basement of the historic Mann building on the corner of Third and Union in downtown Seattle.

The guys and dolls of Seattle spent their evenings out at the ritzy Embassy Theatre during the last few years of the Vaudeville era. In the late 20's, with the rise of motion pictures, the theatre was transformed to showcase projected films. It maintained the title as an A-list theatre well into the fifties, but slowly lost popularity in the sixties when the Embassy became an adult film theater. In 1983, as business dwindled, one of Seattle's last venues for projected adult film closed its doors.

For over a decade, the venue that once was the house of Seattle's hotsy-totsy entertainment stood vacant. In 1999, Rick and Ann Yoder, of Wild Ginger, bought the space to fulfill their dream of creating a music dinner theater. Renovations to improve the quality of the space began three years late, in the fall of 2002. 

With the simple goal of creating an intimate, comfortable space that would connect performers to their audience, every effort was taken to preserve the ornate qualities of the old theatre. The original stage proscenium and ceiling fixtures were restored.

Rich fabrics, plush seating, and state of the art sound completed the renovation process, and embellished the grand vintage space for a new generation of entertainment. 

In September 2003, The Triple Door opened its doors as a premier music venue in Seattle with the goal of providing the best in sound, lighting, atmosphere and hospitality. Today, our venue hosts numerous national, regional and international artists showcasing an eclectic mix of live music and performances hearkening back to the original years as The Embassy Theatre.

Bridging the gap between the artist and the audience, each performance is unique in nature. Join us to venture beyond the familiar and to share in the thrill of discovery. 

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